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Regal Regulus at 29º Leo has the honour of being the closest star to the ecliptic and due to this fact closest to the purple carpet path of the fantastic Solar. Regulus is a triple 1.3 magnitude star that flashes white and ultramarine. It’s discovered, naturally, within the courageous coronary heart of the constellation Leo the Lion. Regulus formally entered tropical Virgo on November twenty eighth 2011.*

Might Regulus crossing this symbolic sphinx cusp, Leo to Virgo, herald the age of Aquarius? Many astrologers speculate that Virgo will train Leo to place apart ego, dispense private glory, develop into extra humanitarian and have respect for mom Earth itself. Different ‘star seed’ sort commentators describe a change from service-to-self (Leo) in the direction of service-to-others. (Virgo=Service, Aquarius=Others).

Now all this assumes that Leo’s ego is in some way a nasty factor! Conversely nonetheless, these with a weak sense of self are additionally those who endure from narcissistic character problems (And different associated Darkish triad traits. See Ceres publish.) With out a robust sovereignty, service-to-others can develop into co-dependancy and doormat syndrome!

Regulus is the archangel Raphael, one of many 4 horsemen of the apocalypse. On the mounted cross, Regulus is one in every of 4 cherubim, symbolised by the Bull, Lion, Eagle and Human. These are the indicators Taurus (Aldebaran), Leo (Regulus), Scorpio (Antares) and Aquarius (Fomalhaut) respectively. You’ll be able to see these Archangels on the corners of the Rider-Waite tarot deck on the Wheel of Fortune and The World.

Regulus Into Virgo

“Early English astrologers made it (Regulus) a portent of glory, riches, and energy to all born below its affect” and this mounted star is mostly thought-about lucky, brave, profitable and all these nice qualities related to the solar signal Leo.

Regulus has its adverse facet. “It offers violence, destructiveness, army honor of quick length, with final failure, imprisonment, violent loss of life” Bernadette Brady associates Regulus with downfall. Regulus is pure divine-masculine vitality, which as of late is typically portrayed in Hollywood at its lowest, crudest vibration.

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Regulus Key phrases

Courageous, bloodthirsty, gutsy, formidable, pushed, unstoppable, proud, pompous, majestic, magical, useless, boastful, egotistical, regal, proudly owning one’s sovereignty, loyal, poised, well-known, flamboyant, fabulous, dashing, flash, outrageous, chivalrous, courteous, conquering, entrepreneurial, outré, controversial, wonderful, daring, scorching, brutish, attractive, passionate, diva-esque, haughty, naughty, playful, flirty, childlike, extremist, romantic, beneficiant, fanatical, bossy, unhinged, stalker, predatory, man-eater, mentorship, skill to prophecy, seer, benevolent chief, assuming accountability, parental, protector of the individuals, in service for the larger good, connection to ones pleasure, a statesman/lady, alchemical transition to the Crimson King (Rubedo), the trail to individuation.

Regulus & The Planets

Regulus Ascendant

“Nice honor and wealth, however violence and bother, illness, fevers, acute illness, advantages seldom final, favor of the good, victory over enemies and scandal.” [4]

Elton John; By royal appointment. Elton had the honour of acting at Princess Diana’s funeral, he additionally wrote the music rating to ‘The Lion King’. Elton has bought over 250 million information which ranks him as one of the crucial profitable singer-songwriters of all time and obtained an knighthood for companies to music and charity. Elton has had his justifiable share of Regulus dramas although and battling addictions to alcohol and cocaine. Donald Trump; His internet value is $4 Billion and in 2013 he spent $1 million to analysis his potential candidacy for the President of the USA. 2016 Replace: Nicely effectively, right here could be the subsequent president! Now we all know him higher, all of the Regulus traits are there, good and dangerous. Cynthia Payne; (57’). This high-class Madame made a mint by internet hosting intercourse events in suburban south-west London. She impressed two movies about her life, one in every of which alluded to the truth that she obtained away with a mere 4 month jail sentence as a result of a number of of the judiciary had been ‘entertained’ by her women sooner or later. She stood for parliament as a candidate for the ‘Payne & Pleasure’ celebration. Woody Allen; A very good instance of the downfall side of Regulus. Woody was introduced down by allegations of sexual misconduct together with his adoptive youngsters made by his ex-wife Mia Farrow. Helena Bonham Carter; British actress well-known for her many roles in costume dramas, often as a member of the aristocracy carrying posh frocks and big elaborate hairdos. Charles/Camila Davison; Royals… Additionally Justin Timberlake, Uma Thurman, Robbie Williams, Avril Lavigne, Morrissey, Siouxie Sioux, Natalie Cole, Mystic Meg, Stephen Fry, Agatha Christie, Henry Ford (See Mars).

Regulus Midheaven

“Honor, preferment, luck, excessive workplace below Authorities, army success. If with Solar, Moon or Jupiter, nice honor and ample fortune.” [4]

Jackie Kennedy Onassis;(03′) Regulus’s close to neighbour is the moderately bloodthirsty star Phecda, this I consider is what offers the Regulus its uncooked martial facet. The beastly nature of the Lion isn’t afraid to throw itself into battle and get blood on its arms. That is graphically demonstrated with Jackie, for after John Kennedy was shot, she refused to take away her bloodstain pink Chanel go well with. Regretting having washed her bloodstained face and arms, she acknowledged “ I need them to see what they’ve performed to Jack” [2] After all the lady was an icon, extra poised and regal then most actual life royals and exuded bravery and loyalty. The Vatican; A lot bloodshed within the title of Jesus Christ… Barbara Windsor; Cleaning soap matriarch and ex landlady of the Queen Victoria, with a regal sounding surname. Patricia Routledge; Well-known for her portrayal of snob Francis Bucket (“pronounced Bouquet…”) in British comedy ‘Holding Up Appearances.’ Mark David Chapman; Well-known for bringing down king of rock John Lennon. Jimmy Web page; Rock singer with wild blond mane. Prince; Nicely he’s Prince… Bernadette Brady; Astrologer. Additionally Michael Douglas, Clint Eastwood, Mata Hari, Patrick McNee, Henri Toulous Lautrec, Jim Carrey, Shania Twain, Claudia Shiffer, Peter Stringfellow.

Regulus Solar

“Energy, authority, nice affect over mates, honor and riches, however violence, bother and supreme shame and wreck, illness, fevers, advantages seldom final.” [4]

River Phoenix; (48’) was an American actor who suffered the intense facet of this star, his Regulus Solar burnt too brightly, too rapidly and he died aged simply 23 of a drug overdose. Invoice Clinton; ‘shame’d by the infamous Monica Lewinsky affair. Monica has Venus on Regulus! Princess Margaret; Was typically a ‘shame’ to the remainder of the royal household along with her smokin’, consuming and unwise alternative of playboy companions. Dorothy Parker; Author who was a infamous drinker and recognized for her wild behaviour. Mae West; Relished being ‘shame’ful. Mom Theresa; Too holy to be disgraced.. A pre Regulus/Virgo determine. Kim Cattrall; Intercourse Within the Metropolis’s man-eater. H.P Lovecraft; nineteenth century fantasy author whose created a style all of it’s personal, mixing Sci-Fi and horror into one thing referred to as ‘cosmic horror’. A author earlier than his time who’s now fairly a cult determine. Sean Connery; The last word alpha-male in his portrayal of 1960’s James Bond. Keith Moon; The best rock and roll drummer burnt out with a medicine overdose at 33. Additionally Usain Bolt, Robert Redford, Gene Roddenberry, Claudia Shiffer, Coco Chanel, Stephen Fry.

Regulus Moon

“Occult pursuits, highly effective mates, hazard from enemies and false mates, acquire by hypothesis, public prominence, nice energy, honor, wealth, advantages seldom final, violence, bother and illness. Make ladies excessive spirited and unbiased.” [4]

Margaret Thatcher; (09′) An outstanding instance, and he or she in fact suffered her well-known Regulus downfall in 1990 when was hounded out of her workplace by the lads in fits. The ‘Iron Woman’ definitely ranks as a lady who’s ‘excessive spirited and unbiased’ Winston Churchill; One other infamous Tory Prime minister of ‘excessive prominence’…. Cheiro; Exhibits the power of Regulus to prophecy and the occult pursuits of this placement. Richard Branson; Founding father of the multi-platform enterprise Virgin which is appropriately named now that Regulus has moved into Virgo. Dolly Parton; Queen of nation with an enormous mane of gold hair and flamboyant garments. Ron L Hubbard; Founding father of the cult faith Scientology which one may say has an ‘occult’ maintain on many Hollywood celebrities. Terence McKenna; Once more ‘occult pursuits’ in his mushroom impressed metaphysical lectures. Additionally Okay D Laing, Venus Williams, Tony Hancock, Ian McKellen, Paul Weller, Robert Graves, Mike Leigh, Mickie Rourke, Noel Tyl.

Regulus Mercury

Regulus Virgo

“Honorable, simply, in style, generosity, abused by opponents, fame, acquire by excessive place” [4]

Freddy Mercury; How Regulus are you able to get!? Lead singer of Queen (Mercury guidelines voice). Michael Jackson; King of Pop but additionally introduced down by accusations of pedophilia. Mercury guidelines youngsters. Barry Gibb; Huge lions mane hair… majestic over-the-top falsetto voice with brothers (Mercury guidelines siblings), Steve Martin; All the time been extraordinarily in style. J.Okay Rowling; Most likely probably the most well-known youngsters’s creator of all time from writing the Harry Potter books which led to much more fame through the sequence of block buster movie diversifications. Mercury is Rowling’s chart ruler and naturally additionally guidelines youngsters and writing. Tim Burton; Famed for his kooky/gothic fantasy movies and animations which attraction to youngsters and the younger at coronary heart. Helen Mirren; British Actress often performs robust, regal feminine leads. Goethe; German author, artist, botanist and statesman who wrote epic poetry. He was a multi-talented genius with a scientific thoughts like Leonardo di Vinci. He wrote treatises on botany, anatomy, and color. As well as Goethe wrote 4 novels and have become a literary movie star on the age of 25. Additionally Sandra Bullock, Peter Sellers, Chrissy Hynde, Patsy Cline, Ernest Hemingway.

Regulus Venus

“Many disappointments, surprising happenings, violent attachments, bother by amorous affairs.” [4]

Bob Geldof; Well-known fundraiser. It appears the Regulus downfall is skilled by the ladies in his life. He misplaced his spouse Paula Yates by separation after which drug overdose and his daughter died below mysterious circumstances. Heinrich Himmler (29’) allegedly “rose to develop into one of the crucial highly effective males in Nazi Germany in addition to one of many individuals most instantly liable for the Holocaust” [3] he ended up committing suicide earlier than his arrest for conflict crimes. Sean Lennon; Misplaced his father by assassination. His Venus connects to the MC of his fathers killer Mark Chapman who additionally has Regulus there. Rufus Wainwright; Singer-songwriter who overcame crystal-meth dependancy. 14th Dalai Lama; As a buddhist monk he doesn’t have to fret about ‘bother by amorous affairs’ and he’s quoted as suggesting “that the woes of the world, and ‘the necessity to promote a extra altruistic society’ imply that “we could be coming into the ‘age of the lady’”. ~ Daily Telegraph. After all Venus guidelines ladies, however that is additionally expressive of Regulus into Virgo is it not? Daniel Radcliffe; Actor well-known for taking part in Harry Potter. Daniel connects to J. Okay. Rowlings Mercury on Regulus. I ponder if her highly effective Mercury/Regulus place ameliorates among the difficulties of Venus right here and as an alternative doubles the Regulus impact. Monica Lewinksy; Definitely fell from grace and in addition introduced ‘bother by amorous affairs’ to Invoice Clinton who has his Solar right here. You’ll be able to see how Regulus amplifies the Solar/Venus synastry connection. Prince George Of Cambridge; The primary royal to be born with Regulus in Virgo, will he replicate the paradigm shift? ‘Hassle by amorous affairs’ might imply he makes a controversial alternative of spouse sooner or later. His Regulus Venus additionally connects to his late Grandmother Diana along with her Mars on Regulus. Additionally Antonio Banderas, Kate Winslet, Heather Locklear, Catherine Zeta Jones, Bryan Ferry, Eddie Fisher, Sonny/Cher Davison.

Regulus Mars

 “Honor, fame, robust character public prominence, excessive army command.” [4]

Diana Princess of Wales; Definitely had world prominence, however was sadly introduced down by a automotive accident. There may be hypothesis as to wether she was actually introduced down by another energy..(Mars guidelines accidents, homicide and carnage.) Henry Ford; Founding father of the Ford Motor firm was actually pushed by Mars on Regulus with it at precisely 00’! He had it rising additionally. Ford grew to become one of many richest males on the planet most likely as a result of he created the “Fordism” system which assured excessive wages for his employees, which was double that of his rivals. This honorable act should’ve fueled his enormous wealth and success. Ford reigned supreme till he reversed his authentic anti-war stance. In 1915, throughout WWI, he funded a peace ship to Europe, however by WWII he went again on his ideas and his firm was used to arm the conflict. After that he suffered a sequence of strokes and grew more and more senile, misplaced all his actual energy and have become only a figurehead. Bob Geldof; Ex-Punk turned activist. Well-known for rallying help (Army model) for giving assist to Africa within the 1980’s. Mars right here nice in emergency conditions. Nevertheless Bob has been just lately criticised for utilizing politically incorrect phrases equivalent to “hookers” and “junkies” and residing a life-style at odds together with his philanthropy. He’s value £32 million. (Additionally Venus.) Sting; One other well-known rock star turned eco-activist. Mary Shelley; Creator of Frankenstein which displays the beastly facet of Regulus. Grace Jones; Well-known for her Diva behaviour and her legendary slapping of interviewer Russell Harty for ignoring her. Watch this cat pouncing on the poor man, for an incredible instance of militant Mars on Regulus in motion. Usually Grace has a statuesque and really regal feline picture. Ricky Gervais; Performed the proud and ever-so-slightly boastful boss in ‘The Workplace’ to Regulus perfection. Additionally David Cameron, Eckhart Tolle, Benjamin Netanyahu, Emperor Hirohoto, Edith Piaf, Frank Sinatra, Lyndon B Johnson, Ben Affleck, Claudia Shiffer, Jayne Mansfield.

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* I used Photo voltaic Hearth for the minute Regulus crossed over from 29º 59′ Leo to 0º Virgo. Fastened stars transfer very slowly, roughly 1 diploma each 72 years.
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