Full Moon In Aquarius – The Circle Without The Dot –


On August twelfth, 2022 now we have a Full Moon in Aquarius.

When now we have a Full Moon in Aquarius, the Moon is in Aquarius, and the Solar is in Leo. 

The Solar’s – Leo’s ruling planet – image is the circle with a dot within the center. The dot contained in the circle is our Id, what makes us totally different from others. That is what Leo vitality is all about – being particular. 

What about Aquarius? Aquarius is the circle with no dot. 

Think about being a part of a circle. The circle is the protected house the place everyone seems to be included. Nobody is “extra particular” than one other. 

Now think about you’re a part of this protected circle and also you step contained in the circle. That is the wholesome Leo vitality. Your like minded group has your again. Within the security of the circle, you may categorical your Self. You could be your Self. 

We’d like this protected Aquarius house to be ourselves. We are able to’t be ourselves, categorical ourselves creatively if we really feel unsafe, if we don’t belong, if we aren’t a part of a group. We have to be a part of a gaggle that ‘has our again’. That’s why Leo wants Aquarius. 

In fact, Aquarius wants Leo too. The circle with out the dot is only a circle. An area of infinite creativity, of infinite potential – however an area the place nothing occurs. In some unspecified time in the future, when the time is correct, we have to take the lead and step contained in the circle. 

How can we discover that protected house the place we’re free to be ourselves?

Full Moon In Aquarius – The Points

The Full Moon is at 19° Aquarius and it points each its rulers: it’s conjunct Saturn (the normal ruler) at 22° Aquarius and it’s sq. Uranus (the trendy ruler) at 18° Taurus.  

So the Full Moon rulers are at odds with one another. 

The Full Moon in Aquarius shines a light-weight on the battle between Saturn and Uranus. There is part of us that seeks construction, and there may be one other a part of us that seeks freedom.

There is part of us that wants predictability, and part of us that wants unpredictability. Part of us wants a security web, and one other half that wants the joy of not realizing what’s subsequent. 

And the battle between these 2 components not solely reveals crucial issues about ourselves, and about our deeper motivations – however may also assist us discover extra genuine methods to reside our lives. 

The query the Full Moon in Aquarius raises is “Can I reside a life the place I can really feel protected and free on the identical time?”. 

Yesterday I noticed an enormous blue fowl flying across the seashore. I actually needed to pinch myself – I’ve by no means seen such a fowl of such a dimension and such a brilliant shade in my life.

I left residence to take a more in-depth look and as I received nearer I  realized it was a parrot – a blue-and-gold macaw.

These parrots are 30 to 36 inches (75 to 90 cm) lengthy and reside as much as 60-70 years.

The parrot flew round for a half an hour or so, after which returned, touchdown on his proprietor’s arm. 

The parrot was undoubtedly pleased – not the common caged fowl. He was taken out repeatedly to benefit from the free open house. And this made me consider the Full Moon in Aquarius conjunct Saturn and sq. Uranus.

How can we reconcile our want for construction and certainty, with our want for freedom and unpredictability?

The parrot appeared to have one of the best of the two worlds. 

We can also have one of the best of the two worlds. After we go for a rollercoaster experience we fasten our seatbelt. We benefit from the thrill of the experience as a result of we all know our seatbelt is mounted. 

As soon as we work out the Saturn aspect of the equation, Uranus’ freedom follows, not the opposite method round. We are able to’t be free until we grasp Saturn first.

Paradoxically, freedom is the results of residing a very long time not being free, making compromises, and delaying gratification. Authenticity comes after we learn to slot in and play by the principles. Breakthrough comes once we’re busy engaged on turning into the very best model of ourselves. 

The Full Moon in Aquarius conjunct Saturn comes with the promise that Aquarius’ freedom and liberation is certainly potential – if we do what’s proper, don’t take shortcuts and keep dedicated to the trail. 

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