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On April sixteenth, 2022 we’ve a Full Moon at 26° Libra.

Each Full Moon in Libra is a chance to place ourselves into different folks’s sneakers and to know the place they’re coming from. 

It’s in our nature to need to get issues our personal approach (Solar in Aries). Via our interactions with others, nevertheless, we be taught that our wants should be weighed up with these round us to discover a widespread floor – even when that signifies that we’ve to compromise and let go of a few of the issues that we actually need. 

Over time, this steady suggestions helps us perceive and regulate our habits. “When two folks let you know you’re drunk, it’s most likely a good suggestion to take a cab and go dwelling”. 

This Full Moon in Libra is not going to solely assist us have higher relationships, however it can additionally assist us perceive ourselves higher

Libra is the signal of “The Different”, but it surely’s additionally the signal reverse Aries, the signal of “Me”. Identical to a mirror displays your picture, different persons are a projection of our personal traits and qualities. 

Not everybody will replicate one thing again about ourselves. Libra guidelines our partnerships but in addition what conventional astrology calls our “declared enemies” – folks we don’t like, folks with whom we comply with disagree with.  

It’s the folks we’re interested in (not solely romantic companions – anybody we really feel drawn to, intellectually, emotionally, spiritually) and those that misery us that inform us one thing necessary about ourselves.

We unconsciously entice folks into our lives that may educate us one thing about ourselves. 

The Full Moon in Libra is our yearly alternative to analyze {our relationships} and our interactions with different folks.

Are you able to see any common patterns in your relationships, in the kind of folks you entice in your life? “It takes two to tango”.

What do your relationships say about your companions, and most significantly, what do your relationships say about YOU? 

Full Moon In Libra – The Points

The Full Moon in Libra is sq. Pluto in Capricorn and trine Mars and Saturn

The sq. to Pluto highlights what’s now not productive, asking us to both let go of what’s now not wanted, or to at the least view issues from a unique angle.

Pluto squares may be very difficult – we really feel the entire world is in opposition to us, and our first impulse is to struggle again. 

Fortuitously, the Full Moon trine to Saturn and Mars channels this overwhelming Plutonic vitality into constructive actions and behaviors.

Sure, it’s not enjoyable whenever you’re informed to go away the celebration, however as a substitute of beginning a bar struggle (Full Moon sq. Pluto) you’re taking a cab and go dwelling (Full Moon trine Saturn and Mars). 

Pluto, Saturn and Mars are severe, action-oriented planets. There’s a powerful pull to do the work – even when which means having severe conversations or taking an ego blow right here and there.

Full Moon In Libra – Equal Relationships

Why are relationships so laborious?” – mentioned everybody on earth, together with relationship consultants.

It’s not that relationships must be at all times laborious – however the technique of studying easy methods to have wholesome, growth-oriented relationships is something however straightforward. 

One purpose is easy. We’re excellent at being us (Aries), that’s what we’ve executed all our lives. Understanding others could be very tough.

Analysis has proven that even in long-term relationships, we will precisely assess how our accomplice feels solely 35% of the time on common.  Understanding others requires having a newbie’s thoughts, and taking our accomplice’s phrase at face worth – as a substitute of filtering by way of our personal minds and ears. 

However there’s another excuse.

We will solely tune into that place of receptivity and understanding the place we’ve equal relationships, once we deal with our accomplice as our equal. That’s Libra’s (the scales) objective. To have equal relationships. 

This implies we’re not superior to our accomplice, and we don’t “know higher” than them. And that’s additionally not being inferior to our accomplice, placing up with unhealthy habits, or giving in an excessive amount of. We will higher perceive this dynamic if we take a look at Libra’s neighboring indicators.

Full Moon In Liba – Virgo, Libra, Scorpio

Libra is between Virgo and Scorpio

If Libra represents our “equal relationships”, Virgo and Scorpio are our unequal relationships: Virgo as a result of we really feel inferior to our accomplice, and Scorpio as a result of we really feel superior.

Virgo could overgive, be needy, or accept lower than they deserve, whereas Scorpio could subtly exert energy or have a way of entitlement of their relationships. You’re my partner “I bought you”, or dismissing the accomplice as a result of “I do know higher”.

In fact, there’s nothing unsuitable with Virgo and Scorpio or with another astrological archetype. Right here we’re merely highlighting some doable shortcomings in order that we will perceive the important function Libra performs in establishing wholesome, equal relationships. 

As soon as we’ve executed the Virgo work, we’ve grow to be the very best model of ourselves (Virgo is the final private signal) then we’re prepared for “The Different”.

If we then have equal relationships with others, and deal with our accomplice as a person in their very own proper (Libra) we will attain that kind of bond and intimacy that’s the upper expression of Scorpio. 

These are the kinds of questions the Full Moon in Libra raises: “How can I discover true equality in my relationships?”, “How do I take a look at my accomplice as a person in their very own proper, not simply as a projection of who I’m?”, “What does my accomplice educate me about who I’m as an individual?”.

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