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The Full Moon (Tremendous Moon) June 2022 at 23º Sagittarius Decan 3. Facet: sq. Neptune sextile Saturn. Mounted Star: Ras Alhague In Ophiuchus. Tarot Card: 10 Of Wands. Therapeutic Crystal: Shungite.  Sabian Image: A bluebird standing on the door of a home.

Full Moon in Sagittarius decan 3

Sagittarius decan 3 is a particularly delicate zone of the zodiac for at evening it teems with slithering serpents, dragons and scorpions stingers. The complete Moon right here will make it fairly a treacherous labyrinth to navigate, and one the place you’ll have to be good at feeling your manner by way of the darkish!

What it actually comes right down to is having the ability to belief the universe sufficient to hope it takes you to the place it is advisable to be. In some methods, it may possibly truly be a bonus not to have the ability to see the scary creatures dangling between the scale. So this zone carries two extremes. Some of us born with the Moon right here can see an excessive amount of and are pushed mad by the true nature of actuality (Van Gogh.) whereas others discover the unknown fascinating and benefit from the problem (Shelley). What meaning for this moon is that it’s going to both flip us howling mad or assist us construct very sturdy psychic shields. (Like constructing immunity)

Within the midst of all this peak lunacy we might want to have the sense to pause in our journey. The profitable ones will develop sufficient endurance to attend till they really feel extra in tune with their path. One other risk is the behavior of summoning up the monsters that nobody needs to face (Trump & Farage have their moon right here natally!) These born with their moon right here could have evilness projected onto them particularly at this full moon.

Nevertheless on the similar time a mixture of naïveté and idealism will assist a few of us sail by way of something. The lurking demons will then free their energy over us. Saturn ruling this decan could make us hooked on a form of “I’ll show the general public (Moon) mistaken” perspective. Every problem we’re confronted with and supersede, will solely make us crave yet one more one. However equally we are able to simply burn themselves out in the event that they we not cautious. Attempt to preserve your ft on the bottom!

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Full Moon June 2022 Astrology

full moon june 2022

Full Moon Facets

Full Moon Tarot Card

The tarot card related to this decan is the ten of wands “The Ten of Wands can counsel that somebody has put a saddle in your again and can experience you to hell if they need.  They might see you as a workhorse and benefit from your good nature and willingness to assist.

It’s possible you’ll be given the toughest and messiest duties to hold out, and since you’re obliging and efficiently full them, increasingly more is then requested of you.” ~ Teachmetarot. This being the tropical signal of the archer, the work-horse metaphor is kind of applicable. The trusting nature too is proven and the Saturn rulership offers the sturdy work ethic additionally. It appears we’ll both work extraordinarily laborious or zone out altogether presently.

Full Moon Mounted Star


Ras Alhague 22º is the brightest star within the snake charmer, glowing sapphire colored star falls across the space of what could be the drugs man’s third eye. I’ve written about this star intimately within the Ophiuchus put up. I see this constellation resonating very strongly with Eris. “When Ophiuchus, encircled by the serpent’s nice coils, rises he renders the types of snakes innocuous to these born below him. They may obtain snakes into the folds of their flowing robes, and can alternate kisses with these toxic monsters and undergo no hurt” [3] Whereas Robson says “It offers misfortune by way of ladies, perverted tastes and psychological depravity.”

As with all stars and constellations associated to occult knowledge, this one has obtained a particularly unhealthy rap. However the Ebertins give us a clue to its increased vibrations ” Linked with these are Neptunian tendencies, making the native particularly susceptible to infectious contamination brought on by toxins. Individuals thus influenced are straightforward moving into using medical medicine, hallucinatory medicine stimulating foodstuffs, an excessive amount of good dwelling and overindulgence in tobacco and alcohol. …In addition to the decrease emanations, there are supposedly increased influences attributed to this star, ‘although solely only a few persons are capable of attune themselves to those influences”.

Full Moon Sabian Image

A bluebird standing on the door of a home.

“Discovering interior peace and radiating magnificence”.The formulation for all times although advanced is dependable; once we get it proper we expertise a serene easiness of being. There are rewards for many who handle each to mix into the neighborhood and but nonetheless keep their very own type of being.” ~ Jamesburgess.com

Full Moon Therapeutic Crystal

I selected Shungite because the therapeutic crystal to assist us cope with this tremendous moon June 2022 astrology. With all this darkish vitality afoot I believed we’ll want a great protecting stone. “Shungite therapeutic properties span the board from purity to safety. Shungite has electrical energy conducting properties. These Shungite properties are additionally recognized to assist within the inhibiting of EMFs, or electromagnetic fields, which are the results of electromagnetic radiation. “ ~ Energymuse 

“Black is sort of all the time the color of safety in western magic, as it’s stated to cloak the topic of the spell in darkness in order that unhealthy luck can’t discover them. Shungite, being fabricated from very comparable atomic buildings to charcoal (that’s, principally carbon) can have comparable advantages on a psychic degree to what charcoal has on a bodily degree – it cleans and cleanses impurities. It may be used to assist take away damaging folks or unhealthy luck out of your life.” ~ crystalsandjewellery

“The antioxidant properties of the fullerenes in Shungite make it extraordinarily helpful for reinforcing the immune system by eliminating toxins, micro organism, viruses and free radicals. It’s reputed to have anti-inflammatory and anti-histaminic properties….Shungite may take in damaging vitality and take away it from an individual or area.” ~ feelcrystals

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