Jupiter Conjunct Neptune In Pisces


A number of days in the past I used to be looking for a doc and got here throughout an outdated picture from a vacation in Greece. I used to be in a seafood restaurant and was holding two large conch-like seashells over my ears.

It’s stated which you could hear the ocean if you put an empty seashell in your ear. I clearly recall listening to the magic, otherworldly sounds from these washed-up seashells placed on show on the eating desk.

What we’re actually listening to once we place a seashell over our ears, just isn’t the ocean, however the noises round us which might be altered by the physics of those Fibonacci-shaped shells. The shells filter all of the background noise and discover a new which means, a brand new melody.

The seashell, by way of its Fibonacci-sequence sample, transforms what’s in any other case uncooked sound right into a common sound sample. Whereas we might not ‘perceive’ what the seashell is whispering – seashells don’t communicate Mercury’s language – all of us resonate with its common melody. 

In astrology, uncooked sound is dominated by Mercury, however music is dominated by Neptune.

The flexibility to discover a increased order in what’s in any other case void of which means is Neptune’s highest goal.

Musicians and – curiously – mathematicians, normally have a outstanding Neptune of their charts. Neptune helps us discover patterns which might be invisible to the attention, patterns rooted within the secret language of the universe

We reside in a sea of sound that our biology has tailored to filter out and ignore for evolutionary functions. We’re higher at specializing in the sharp, crescendo-like noise of a tree falling or a automobile tire skidding on the highway behind us in order that now we have sufficient time to react.

There are, nevertheless, instances in our lives when the background noises are placed on ‘mute’ and the universe speaks to us straight.

Jupiter Conjunct Neptune In Pisces – A As soon as-In-A-Lifetime Alternative

The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction on April twelfth, 2022 is our once-in-a-lifetime alternative to tune into this sacred music and discover a deeper type of fact.

Each Jupiter and Neptune rule Pisces, so that they each communicate the language of the Universe. Each Jupiter and Neptune discover which means in what’s in any other case, complicated, overwhelming, or incomprehensible.  

Jupiter is the planet of data, ruling superior psychological processes like considering, abstraction, and synthesis. Jupiter places two and two collectively and comes up with a method – with an overarching precept to assist us discover which means in what’s occurring in our lives.

We are saying Jupiter is the planet of fact as a result of ‘fact’ is one thing we are able to all bounce again to when confused. Jupiter guidelines increased training, faith, regulation, and the ethical code of society. Jupiter is these issues we are able to all relate to, as a result of if we didn’t, life would simply be too complicated and sophisticated. 

Neptune goes additional than that. Sure, Jupiter’s code of conduct may be very helpful. However these Jupiterian codes of conduct are designed by earthlings, so that they make sense within the restricted time and house we reside in.

There’s, nevertheless, a better fact, a common fact, an underlying fact that may not solely clarify what’s occurring with us earthlings however in live performance with the universe at massive. That’s Neptune’s fact.   

Neptune and fact? Wait a minute, isn’t Neptune the planet of phantasm and delusion?

When our deep-rooted Jupiter fact is questioned, the quick impulse is to query that what’s difficult it. Neptune doesn’t communicate ‘Mercury’, so making an attempt to grasp Neptune’s whispers like we perceive a e-book, a film, or a dialog, is a futile train. 

Neptune helps us filter by way of the noise, delivering a common message that will have little to do with what we wish to hear, but, it’s precisely what we have to take heed to. 

Jupiter Conjunct Neptune – The Symphony Of Fact

12 years in the past once we had the earlier Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, I found Jazz.

After a tough day of Mercury-Jupiter psychological work I’d go to a Jazz bar to get misplaced in that sea of sound. I didn’t prefer it originally. I’d typically discover the music out of sync. Different instances I discovered the music daunting or the repetitive instrumental interaction annoying.

However after some time, I’d let go of all the pieces and allowed the music to search out its means. Mercury bits of knowledge would get decoded and positioned in the suitable department within the tree of data. Jupiter patterns of thought would get rearranged and re-programmed.

On the finish of the night time, with out understanding what occurred, I’d be relaxed, my thoughts could be clear, and I’d discover all of the solutions I wanted.

Neptune additionally guidelines sleeping and goals, as a result of once we dream, we plunge into the collective sea of data and discover solutions that we couldn’t discover in our awake state with our restricted cognitive processes.

If every day, we remembered what we had for breakfast in each little little bit of element, we’d go mad very quickly in any respect.

Once we sleep, the psychological impressions through the day are deleted from our RAM reminiscence – some are saved in our psychological exhausting drive, to be retrieved at any time when wanted, others within the cloud, to develop into a part of the common library of data.

Dreaming serves an vital goal too. On most events, now we have ‘some’ items of knowledge, however we nonetheless can’t make sense of the underlying message. In a dream state, we plunge again into the common cloud to search out the lacking hyperlinks. 

When Jupiter meets Neptune in Pisces, ‘fact’ as we all know it and the common Neptune fact, come collectively to discover a widespread language. Because of this:

–> Our Jupiter fact – what’s proper and what’s mistaken, what is sensible and what doesn’t shall be challenged. Neptune will ask Jupiter to discover a increased which means, a extra nuanced understanding, a deeper fact. In fact, the method may be extraordinarily complicated – and we’ll get again to this later. 

–> The Neptune alien language – a language we’re biologically designed to be deaf to, will develop into extra accessible. Jupiter will translate these Neptune summary messages into one thing we are able to all relate to. 

Jupiter Conjunct Neptune – A New Imaginative and prescient For The Future

Jupiter conjunct Neptune might not carry you the readability a Uranus transit normally brings. Jupiter conjunct Neptune might not alter your life in apparent methods, like a Pluto transit normally does.

Nonetheless, one thing will essentially shift.

One thing about you, your life goal, and your relationship with the world WILL change. The change could also be refined, however the sense of changing into another person shall be extra profound than with every other transit. 

Take into account that conjunctions (identical to New Moons) will not be essentially instances when issues occur. Conjunctions are instances when new seeds are planted

So as a substitute of ready for one thing to ‘occur’ when Jupiter is conjunct Neptune, take note of what’s initiating, to what’s shifting, to what’s coming into existence.

One thing might get woke up – a chance, a hope, a brand new imaginative and prescient for the long run. We might solely make sense of all this later this month, when Venus joins in, conjuncting Neptune on April twenty seventh, after which Jupiter, on April thirtieth. 

Jupiter Conjunct Neptune In Pisces – Pay attention To The Universe 

Neptune transits are something however accessible. It’s not that magic shall be poured into our ears and all the pieces will all of the sudden make sense. Neptune may be extraordinarily complicated – and any try and make sense of this Jupiter-Neptune transit with logic will backfire. 

That’s why I like to recommend the strategy that AA (Alcoholics Nameless) – and different habit restoration and non secular frameworks – are rooted in:

The underlying precept of this strategy is centered round letting go of the tales we’ve been dwelling by all our lives (Jupiter), and surrendering to a better energy as a substitute (Neptune).

The first step is about acknowledging the issue. “We admitted we have been powerless over alcohol—that our lives have develop into unmanageable.”

The 2nd step says: “I got here to imagine {that a} Energy better than ourselves might restore us to sanity.

And the method goes on with folks accepting increased steering, and ends with a mission: “Having had a non secular awakening as the results of these Steps, we attempt to carry this message to others”.

The great thing about Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces just isn’t solely a deep understanding of what has in any other case been complicated or limiting, but additionally a revelation round what our goal in life is, of how we are able to greatest serve the collective.

Once we sing the identical music with the universe, we lastly discover our place on this planet. 

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