Mars Conjunction Uranus ~ Space Cadets


Mars conjunction Uranus is a scorching mixture that produces pleasure, fireworks and electrical energy. It’s a one who likes to shock. The native could even actually shock others unintentionally as they are typically stay wires.

Even when they’re delicate mannered on the skin, inside they’re fizzling ball of vitality. Mars conjunction Uranus leap simply should you abruptly stroll right into a room. The native spooks simply as a result of though their physique could have been current, their thoughts was in one other galaxy completely. The bump again right down to earth will be fairly a jolt.

Spaced Out

These folks are typically ‘spaced-out’ a great deal of the time and discover it onerous to earth themselves. The theme of feeling alienated and aliens appears to return up strongly with these of us. Mars conjunction Uranus is fascinated with the sky and likes to be within the clouds, at some pace! That is additionally a really high-tech combo normally within the space of aviation or rocket science.

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In order that they adore flying, curler coasters or snowboarding at excessive altitudes. The native additionally likes futuristic skyscrapers and the view from the penthouse suite. Rising to the very prime of something actually quick, turns them on. Uranians are visionaries who see the large image, however Mars provides the turbo cost to push them to the higher limits.


The most important downside with Mars conjunction Uranus although is impatience. They need success, however they need it yesterday. This may imply that these folks solely ever change into the one-hit-wonders or flash within the pans. Partnership with earthy, cautious varieties is required to present Mars/Uranus longevity. (Until they produce other extra grounded, slower-paced parts elsewhere of their chart.)

One other textual content guide affiliation with this mixture is accidents, with knives mostly. A lot will depend on the signal. For instance: This conjunction in Aries it’s daring (with Mars sturdy within the signal it guidelines) and due to this fact extra bodily harmful. Whereas in Aquarius the daredevil will manifest in ‘spaced-out’ concepts.

Freedom Fighters

Mars conjunct Uranus makes freedom fighters and activists. It can marketing campaign for liberation in all types, however in all probability largely within the space of sexuality. This doesn’t imply these individuals are essentially permissive sexually, particularly if they’re spiritual, it’s simply the precept of the matter. Typically although, these folks are very open-minded and tolerant of different folks peccadillos within the bed room.

Mars conjunct Uranus discover intercourse fascinating on an mental stage, and most of their foreplay is psychological. Mars/Uranus are extremists a technique or one other nonetheless. Some run by means of the entire spectrum of the LGBTQ scale (together with some letters we don’t even know but…) whereas others are completely celibate and asexual. There’s even a certain quantity of frigidity with this side. Know-how is massive too after all, so there’s a hazard that these folks might get fairly hooked on porn on the web.

Cyber intercourse is one other method these natives can change into insensitive to actual flesh-and-blood orgasms. Mars/Uranus can so simply dissociate from stay relationships that they will change into enamoured by mechanical objects. They adore high-tech gadgetry, however there may be the hazard of online game dependancy. Others fall in love with their smartphones (Or get pulling into limitless sexting on relationship apps.)

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Mars Conjunct Uranus Natives

Robin Williams began his profession in stand-up comedy and was recognized for his fast fireplace Mars/Uranus improvisation expertise. Williams ultimately rose to fame as an precise alien within the hit TV collection ‘Mork & Mindy’. In school his classmate and fellow actor Christopher Reeve stated of Williams that he “talked a mile a minute. I’d by no means seen a lot vitality contained in a single particular person. He was like an untied balloon that had been inflated and instantly launched… To say that he was “on” can be a significant understatement”.

The stress of get up comedy took its toll on Williams, who was wired sufficient anyway with out taking medicine on prime of this dynamite conjunction.

“Some, such because the critic Vincent Canby, had been involved that his monologues had been so intense that it appeared as if at any minute his “artistic course of might reverse into a whole meltdown”.His biographer Emily Herbert described his “intense, totally manic fashion of stand-up [which sometimes] defies evaluation ..” ~ Wiki

Uranus will be related to psychological sickness and genius on the identical time. Mars was Robin Williams ruling planet, so this conjunction is all of the extra private for him. Robin Williams embodies Mars/Uranus with the conjunction falling in lunar-ruled Most cancers and trined by a delicate Pisces Moon no much less. Williams then, was a ‘lunatic’ in one of the best sense of the phrase. Later in life he gained respect and important approval for his severe performing potential.

Williams all through his life had dependancy issues to cocaine and alcohol. In a while he had well being issues, Susan Scheider says “he suffered from paranoia, delusions and looping, insomnia, reminiscence, and excessive cortisol ranges. In keeping with Schneider, “Robin was dropping his thoughts and he was conscious of it … He saved saying, ‘I simply need to reboot my mind.”. Williams dedicated suicide by hanging himself in 2014. In keeping with the post-mortem, Williams was affected by a type of dementia, his Mars/Uranus, live-wire mind merely burnt out.

Extra Mars conjunct Uranus: Johnny Depp, Steve Martin, Joaquin Phoenix, Robert Downey Jr, Rutger Hauer, Teri Hatcher, Sarah Jessica Parker, Ben Kingsley, Linda Carter, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Ethan Hawke, Ali MacGraw, Win Wenders, Brian Jones, Keith Richards, Anita Pallenberg, Boy George, Roger Waters, Lou Reed, Rihanna, Jeff Buckley, Trent Reznor, Jimmy Web page, Ian Gillan, Billie Piper, Alison Moyet, Linda Evangelista, Frida Kahlo, Aubrey Beardsley, Lord Alfred Tennyson, H.G Wells, Ron Hubbard, Maria Montessori, Cicero, Mata Hari, Fortunate Luciano, Angela Davis, Valerie Solanas, Anna Freud, Joe Frazier, Piers Morgan.



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