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All proper, associates, it’s Mercury retrograde!

The Trickster God stationed on Saturday morning at 26 levels, 29 minutes Aquarius, at 10:51 AM Jap US Time.

Again on January 15, he entered his pre-retrograde shadow: that was the day that Mercury crossed 11 levels, 1 minute Aquarius for the primary time this 12 months. He’s headed again in that path now, retracing latest steps. As soon as he reaches 11 levels, 1 minute Aquarius (for the second time) on February 20, he’ll station there and switch once more.

After that it’s forward-we-go, with Mercury crossing that patch of sky in central Aquarius, for a 3rd and closing time, until he passes the diploma of his first station (which is, AGAIN, 26 levels, 29 minutes Aquarius) on March 13, and so ends the cycle.

Every of those three durations — the pre-retrograde shadow from January 15 to January 30, the retrograde itself from January 30 to February 20, and the post-retrograde shadow from February 20 to March 13 — presents us an opportunity to look otherwise on the similar story. What did you hear, be taught, program, talk, or write inside these final two weeks? Anticipate to maintain gathering information, pondering up enhancements, and making revisions, until the spring.

Immediately’s chart, furthermore, has some attention-grabbing resonance on the US political entrance. The diploma of Mercury’s station is tightly conjunct each the Moon and Pallas Athena within the US natal chart (scroll all the best way down!), that are positioned at 27 levels, 31 minutes Aquarius and 27 levels, 10 minutes Aquarius, respectively. The stationing Mercury additionally kinds a decent OPPOSITION to Donald Trump’s natal Mars in Leo, at 26 levels, 46 minutes of that signal. And since the Donald is a Gemini, like all Gemini- and Virgo-Solar individuals, he’s particularly delicate to Mercury’s whims.

In wanting over these charts, I used to be reminded of one other “trial of the century,” the 1995 prosecution of O.J. Simpson for the murders of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman. Each Simpson and Trump have planets that stimulate the US natal Mars, which is positioned at 21 levels Gemini: O.J.S. has his natal Uranus at close by 23 levels Gemini, whereas D.J.T. (almost the identical age) has his Uranus, North Node, and Solar clustered at 17, 22, and 23 levels Gemini respectively. (Donald additionally has his natal Moon at 21 levels Sagittarius, instantly reverse the US Mars, which factors to his emotional energy over some People.)

O.J. Simpson, in fact, has the doubtful distinction of being (it’s alleged) the primary celeb defendant to get away with homicide regardless of being a Black man — in a felony justice system that’s, statistically, profoundly biased against that demographic. Donald Trump, our first celeb president, and the one whom Ta-Nehisi Coates has dubbed “the first white president,” has now earned the doubtful distinction of being the primary US president twice-impeached — this time round, for his position in inciting a riot that introduced in regards to the deaths of six individuals (including three police officers) and featured quite a few attempts at mass murder. (They not too long ago began to launch the body-cam footage, and it’s deeply scary.)

These two 1980’s-era film stars, by way of their relationships to the system and to the public, have stirred up the nation’s Mars-in-Gemini power (Trump extra so, along with his Gemini stellium) making the world aware of disparities (a Gemini key phrase) in how we perceive and punish violence (a Mars key phrase) in America.

O.J. Simpson was born with Mercury retrograde, and the decision in his felony trial — stunning to many — was given on a Mercury retrograde. (The decision within the 1997 civil case, when he was discovered answerable for battery and wrongful dying, was given with Mercury direct.) Donald Trump’s natal Mercury is direct, and his upcoming trial will start on a Mercury retrograde. We don’t but know when the Senate trial will END . . . I’ll have an interest to see whether or not it’s earlier than or after February 20.

The signatories of the Declaration of Independence positioned Mars in a weak place within the chart (an unintentional detriment by placement), answering to a retrograde Mercury. They most likely interpreted this placement as “weak enemies,” but when we’ve discovered one factor from the previous couple of years, it’s that even weak individuals can very, very harmful.

I don’t know what the result of this trial can be, however as an expert astrologer, I’m snug saying that about half the nation can be deeply upset. How’s that for an correct prediction?

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P.S. I simply up to date my web site with a number of the lectures, workshops, and intensives that I’ve lined up in 2021. I’ll be chatting with WSAA (the Washington State Astrological Affiliation) in March, for OPA (the Group of Skilled Astrologers) in April, at NORWAC (the Northwest Astrological Convention) in Could, and at GLAC (the Nice Lakes Astrology Convention) in June. Due to the pandemic, ALL of those occasions can be on-line, and are open to individuals from wherever on the earth.


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