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Moon sq. Neptune or Moon opposition Neptune is among the most delicate and compassionate elements one can have, however typically its idealism will be misplaced, unrealistic and impractical. The topic’s day-to-day existence is usually a wrestle dealing with the nebulous and surreal power of Neptune. They could really feel like they’re eternally strolling via a Dali portray, checkerboard staircases petering out in spirals, melting clocks…

Nevertheless this fantastical creativeness works very properly in present enterprise for the reason that sq. turns the fantasizing into one thing concrete, the film enterprise with all its glamour and melodrama are simply excellent for these people. The opposition will make the natives somebody that the viewers will love to hold their projections on. The issue with Moon opposition Neptune although is discovering the person beneath the face paint and dry ice.

Moon sq. Opposition Neptune transit

When the moon is sq. or opposition Neptune within the sky watch out for corruption and gaslighting within the collective. Gurus might abuse their place and we might simply fall into religious bypassing. It’s so simple to zone out with drink or medicine with this side too. It might be finest to maintain sober and use this extremely imaginative and fairytale power to create one thing poetic and up-lifting. There may be the potential for a religious warrior to make use of this side for the larger good, they will use this for therapeutic and remodel that arduous side right into a diamond!

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