Naraka Chaturdashi – Motherhood’s Triumph Over Evil Scion


Naraka Chaturdashi, also called Kali Choudas or Choti Diwali, is the 14th lunar day of the Krishna Paksha through the Kartik month within the Hindu calendar. Often, Naraka Chaturdashi comes the day earlier than Diwali and therefore the title Choti Diwali. It’s the second day of the five-day-long Diwali pageant. However in 2022, Naraka Chaturdashi and Diwali occur to fall on the identical day. Naraka Chaturdashi commemorates the killing of Narakasura by the hands of Satyabhama, spouse of Lord Krishna and the mortal incarnation of Bhoomi Devi. In some variations, it’s Lord Krishna who killed Narakasura and in others, it’s Devi Kali.

The 2022 Naraka Chaturdashi falls on Monday, October 24.

Naraka Chaturdashi Rituals

An important ritual to be adopted throughout Naraka Chaturdashi is to get up early within the morning and have a holy tub after making use of oil to the physique. This holy tub is known as Abhyang Snan. It’s believed that after killing Narakasura, Lord Krishna smeared a number of the blood onto the brow as a mark of victory. When he reached again at his palace it was early within the morning. His wives utilized oil on his brow to take away the dried blood and gave him a holy tub. It’s in reminiscence of this that the devotees take Abhyang Snan on the day of Naraka Chaturdashi.
Lord Hanuman is worshipped together with Lord Krishna on at the present time. It’s believed that Lord Hanuman took start on at the present time, although Chaitra Poornima can be thought-about to be the day of start of Lord Hanuman. Throughout Hanuman puja, bread, together with ghee and jaggery are supplied to Lord Hanuman. Prayers to Lord Hanuman needs to be supplied within the afternoon, with the devotee ideally clad in purple apparel. Diyas or oil lamps are stored lit in entrance of houses through the night to negate the tamasic energies or unhealthy energies from the air.
Within the northeastern components of the nation, Devi Kali is worshipped throughout this Chaturdashi to thrust back illnesses, achieve safety from evil spirits and are available out of debt. In Bengal, Naraka Chaturdashi is noticed because the day when 14 departed forefathers come to go to the household. Because of this, at the present time can be identified by the title Bhoot Chaturdashi. 14 lit diyas are stored in entrance of the houses to mark this event. In Goa, effigies of Narakasura are burnt and made to drift in water. In Tamil Nadu, Lakshmi Puja is finished on at the present time and devotees observe quick on at the present time.

Naraka Chaturdashi story

Throughout Krita Yuga, in his bid to achieve complete management over the universe, Hiranyaksha submerged Earth deep into the cosmic ocean. To avoid wasting the universe Vishnu took the avatar of Varaha and killed Hiranyaksha, retrieved Earth and positioned it again in its unique place. Whereas doing so, a single drop of sweat slipped off the brow of Varaha and fell onto Earth. From it arose a robust asura named Narakasura. Bhoomi Devi, being the mom of Narakasura, needed her son to be sturdy and indestructible. For it, Lord Varaha broke his tusk and gave it to Narakasura as the final word weapon.
After Krita Yuga got here Treta Yuga adopted by Dwapara Yuga. By this time Narakasura had change into vastly corrupt resulting from his alliance with Banasura. He dominated from his kingdom of Pragjyothisha which is modern-day Assam. Narakasura attacked the devas and defeated them. Then he took by power the earrings of Aditi, the mom of the devas. Narakasura additionally held captive over 16,000 ladies he kidnapped from the assorted kingdoms he had attacked and ransacked. Indira, the lord of the devas, requested Lord Krishna, the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu, to assist. Lord Krishna agreed after being compelled by his spouse, Satyabhama, who disliked Narakasura and his actions.
Collectively Krishna and Satyabhama left for Pragjyothisha to battle Narakasura. A fierce battle adopted. Narakasura proved to be a formidable foe for Krishna. Throughout a heated second within the battle, Narakasura hit Lord Krishna with the tusk given to him by Lord Varaha. The impression was sufficient to make Krishna unconscious. Seeing this, Satyabhama took arms and began to struggle Narakasaura. Finally, Satyabhama proved to be an excessive amount of for Narakasura and was finally killed at her arms. Unknown to Narakasura, Satyabhama was the mortal incarnation of Bhoomi Devi who was Narakasura’s mom.
In one other model of the story, Lord Krishna regains consciousness whereas Satyabhama is concerned within the battle with Narakasura. Utilizing his Sudarshana Chakra, he then kills Narakasura. Whereas dying, Narakasura repents and requests Krishna that his demise be an event of happiness for everybody. Lord Krishna blessed it to be so and ever since, Naraka Chaturdashi, the day during which Narakasura was killed, has been celebrated as an event of pleasure and lightweight destroying the detrimental vibes of ignorance and darkness. Lord Krishna married the 16000 ladies held in captivity by Narakasura in order that they might lead a lifetime of dignity.
One other story tells about Narakasura’s infatuation with Devi Kamakhya. When he proposed an alliance with Kamakhya, the Devi, in a playful method, requested Narakasura to construct a staircase from the foot of the Nilchar hills to the temple on high in only one evening, earlier than the cock crowed the subsequent morning. Narakasura took up the problem and was effectively on the best way to ending the staircase earlier than morning when Kamakhya smothered a cock making it crow. Considering it was morning, Narakasura stopped his work. Thus Narakasura failed on the problem. Now the place is named Kukurakata in the Darrang district of Assam. The unfinished staircase is named Mekhelauja Path.
Realizing that he was made a idiot of, Narakasura fumed. First, he obtained maintain of the cock and killed it. Then he turned in the direction of Devi Kamakhya. At this second Devi Kamskhya took her true type of Devi Kali and fought Narakasura, killing him within the course of. That is why Naraka Chaturdasa can be referred to as Kali Choudas.

Naraka Chaturdashi significance

Naraka Chaturdashi is the commemoration of a singular occasion in historical historical past the place the mom is seen killing her son resulting from his wickedness. That is the day to eradicate detrimental deeds and ideas from life. It’s stated reciting Vedic mantras on at the present time offers the utmost impact on the psyche of the individual. Lighting lamps also can carry optimistic modifications throughout Naraka Chaturdashi. On at the present time the tamasic energies dominate the environment. The lighting of lamps helps to destroy such energies. This helps to purify the in and out of an individual and readies her or him to hold out any auspicious actions.
Girls doing arti of husband or son on at the present time assist the lads to do away with forces of dissolution which will in any other case trigger pains in life. Providing material to deities and meals to Brahmins will carry good results. In South India, particularly Tamil Nadu, the Naraka Chaturdashi is noticed with as a lot fervour as Diwali itself. Fireworks and crackers are used lavishly on at the present time. Lord Yama can be worshipped to do away with the worry of loss of life and worry of Naraka or hell.
The story is that, earlier than being relegated to Suthala, the Vamana avatar of Lord Vishnu requested King Bali for any boon he desired. Listening to this King Bali stated – because you had measured my total kingdom from the Kartik Trayodashi interval to the Amavasya interval, anybody who lights a lamp for Lord Yama throughout Kartik Chaturdashi needs to be exempted from torture throughout life after loss of life; additionally, any of my topics celebrating Diwali throughout these three days shouldn’t go missing for something in life. Vamana was happy with the boon requested by King Bali and blessed him. Because of this, Lord Vamana can be worshipped on the day of Naraka Chaturdashi in southern India.

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