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The New Moon in Leo takes place on August 8, 2021 at 9:49:57 am in Washington, DC.  It’s occurring on the Lion’s Gate ~ eighth day of the eighth month creating double 8s (manifestation numbers).  The Lion’s Gate is a stunning portal into the upper realms of consciousness, love, vitality and creativity.  It is usually the cross-quarter day, Lammas or Lughnasadh.

From the web: Lammas was the midpoint between the summer time solstice and autumnal equinox.
Historically a competition related to harvesting grain, it marked the start of the wheat harvest, and particularly celebrated the primary wheat or corn crop. Grains harvested at Lammas time additionally embrace barley, oats, and sunflower. Tenant farmers would current the primary crop harvest to their landlord.

  • Lughnasadh was the marriage of the Solar god Lugh to the Earth goddess, inflicting the ripening of crops.
  • The church reworked it into the “feast of first fruits.” Villages would take the primary loaves of bread to the church.
  • After the loaf was blessed, the farmers broke it into 4 items and positioned each bit in the corners of their barn to guard the newly harvested grain. Lammas bread was usually made in shapes together with wheat, owls, and corn dolls.

The New Moon chart has three mystic rectangles ~

  1. Solar, Moon, Juno, South Node, Saturn, North Node ~ what are you going to accomplice with to manifest your life (or not accomplice with any extra)?
  2. Chiron, Solar, Moon, Vesta, Saturn ~ the place are you going to construct your life that can assist you work in your soul’s journey (as nicely its wound)?
  3. Juno, South Node, Chiron, North Node, Vesta ~ how does your private home and fireside (this implies your physique too) want to vary or be partnered with to create that house of therapeutic and development?

The mystic rectangles are intertwined so that they feed on one another because the New Moon brings the vitality to the forefront, provides it a dose of fiery ardour and shoots it out into the world.  Sure we see fires across the globe.  We’ve got fires inside us too!  Harness that passionate imaginative and prescient.  You don’t (and might’t) do it all of sudden, however you get the thought now.

There is also a stunning Finger of God or YOD with Mercury in Leo because the apex and Pluto in Capricorn and Neptune/Pallas Athena in Pisces because the legs pulsing with artistic juices.  Observe the impressed concept that calls you.  Mercury in Leo needs you to pursue that zeal of yours ~ particularly because it ignites your coronary heart, invokes your passions and warms your life. What does it imply to reside from the fervour of your coronary heart?

Finishing the divinely impressed New Moon, there’s a Star of David in Air and Fireplace.  The Grand Trine in Fireplace (an excessive amount of fireplace?) Leo Solar and Moon, Juno and South Node in Sagittarius, and Chiron in Aries combines with the Grand Trine in Air (too dry? An excessive amount of air?) Vesta in Libra, Saturn in Aquarius and North Node in Gemini.  Air and Fireplace Stars of David invite us to sit down with our concepts and visions to formulate plans and actions we’re going to take.

With all this fabulous vitality within the heavens, make sure that to do an inspiring ritual in regards to the subsequent chapter of your life!  The heavens are listening!!  Think about registering for my Leo New Moon Manifestation Circle Sunday night time, August 8, 2021 at 7:30 pm Jap.

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