New Moon September 2022 ~ A New Dawn. Astrology


The New Moon September 2022 is at 2º Libra Decan 1.  Side: reverse Jupiter. Fastened Star: Zaniah within the left arm of Virgo the Virgin. Tarot Card: Two Of Swords. Therapeutic Crystal: Ametrine Sabian Image: The daybreak of a brand new day every thing modified

New Moon In Libra decan 1

The fastened star interpretations are usually not form to this decan however the Moon does rule this decan utilizing the Chaldean system so possibly they cancel one another out considerably. The difficulty appears to be triggered once we write about controversial subjects. These touched by this new moon will really feel their concepts are means forward of their time or simply too mystical for the common human to understand. That is additionally an especially right-brained decan, and because the moon shines the sunshine of illumination right here, the intuitive sense could be very sharp. In my analysis I discovered many mystics the place born with the moon on this decan.

This new moon favours diplomats and peacemakers moderately than war-mongers. The moon right here additionally has a powerful reference to the evening sky and skill to prophecy. These plugged into this Libra moon will carry an aura of peace and tranquillity, even when their outer look is spiky or dishevelled. They’re additionally in a position to neutralise a fiery surroundings simply by being current.

Moon Libra 1 carries a really potent balancing vitality. So surprisingly if the scenario is certainly one of an excessive amount of acquiescence, then it might shift the scales in direction of a extra defensive stance. There may be then the potential to surprisingly, flip over to being extra of a shadow goddess. That is uncommon although and usually, Moon Libra 1 is soothing and harmonious. The collectives solely fault at the moment is probably being too naive and blind to malice. These touched by this Libra new moon might want to keep in mind not everyone seems to be as fair-minded as they’re!

New moon september 2022 Astrology

New Moon Points

New Moon Sabian Image

The daybreak of a brand new day every thing modified

“Each breath is one other starting to yet one more distinctive expression of life. An individual who has gained consciousness of the best and is aware of totally and clearly the place their highly effective, unassailable centre is. Simply by being who they’re they provoke vital inventive adjustments of their world. ” ~

two of swords

New Moon Tarot Card

The Tarot card related inside this decan is the 2 of swords which “typically signifies arguments between people who find themselves being inflexible and unyielding.  Either side are locked into the battle.  There may be little room for forgiveness and no signal of a thaw. 

This argument might go on for years and taint generations to come back except somebody is courageous sufficient to type it out. Individuals want to put down their weapons and open their coronary heart to forgiveness.” ~ teachmetarot. Karmically this reveals the polarity of Aries to Libra the place Libra is the ‘different’. The balancing of the scales signifies discovering a compromise on this lifetime to extremism previously…

New Moon Fastened Star

Moon On Zaniah ~ “Fear, loss by means of authorized and Venusian affairs, bother by means of writings, led astray by sympathies.” [1]

Zaniah 4º is discovered within the left arm of the Virgin “It provides refinement, honour, congeniality, order and a lovable nature.” Usually, Zaniah appears to offer a expertise for negotiating peace and diplomacy. You’ll be able to actually see robust tropical Libra attributes right here in addition to the Mercury/Venus nature attributed to it by Ptolemy. Eric Morse notes” The identify should deliver a smile to astrologers who typically affiliate Mercury with cash and Venus with love, and Ptolemy having put the cash first for Zaniyah means ‘Adulteress’ or ‘Harlot’. We now have seen how Virgo has had such a fame in previous occasions, having been each Lilith and Ashtoreth as a lot as extra honoured women like Mary.” So the affect has bled into tropical Libra now, one thinks of the refined and cultured Geisha woman or the 18th-century courtesan as being very Libra decan 1. In my analysis I discovered fairly a couple of intercourse employees on this decan.

New Moon Therapeutic Crystal


The Ametrine crystal is a mix of Amethyst and Citrine. It’s about stability and it an ideal stone to assist the indecisive Libran in making necessary selections.

You is perhaps fairly spoiled for alternative at this beneficiant new moon. So the Ametrine can help in bringing readability to your judgement and allow you to slim issues down. This crystal is ideal for serving to to de-program the thoughts from any media fear-porn. It is going to assist calm nervousness and permit one to relaxation and digest.

“Ametrine is ideal for individuals who battle with ambivalence, procrastination, or doubt brought on by worry of constructing a mistake or worrying about what others might imagine. With the knowledge that you’re on the appropriate path, your creativity and vitality can be unleashed and it is possible for you to to maneuver ahead.” ~

Throughout astrological journey, this stone safeguards and prevents psychic assaults. Stress and rigidity are cleared from the top, calming the thoughts and bettering focus. Let’s face it, all of us must meditate lately!

1. Fastened Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923. p 218.


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