Planet Mercury In Astrology Astrology


Literary males, philosophers, mathematicians, astrologers, retailers, secretaries, diviners, sculpturers, poets, orators, advocates, schoolmasters, stationers, printers, exchangers of cash, attorneys, commissioners, clerks, artificers (designer), accomptants (consultants) solicitors, typically thieves, prattling muddy ministers, grammarians, tailors, carriers, messengers, footmen, usurers (cash lenders).

Locations & Colors

Tradesmen’s retailers, markets, festivals, colleges, widespread halls, bowling-alleys, ordinaries (commons), tennis courts. Blended and new colors, gray blended with sky-colour, or consisting of many colors blended in a single. 


Herbs attributed to Mercury are identified by the blended color of the flower; they love sandy barren locations; they bear their seed in husks or cobs, they scent not often or subtlety, and have precept relation to the tongue, mind, lungs or reminiscence; they dispel wind and luxury the animal spirits and open obstructions. the walnut and walnut tree; the eldertree, adders tongue, dragonwort, aniseed, marjoram. Herbs which might be used for the muses and divination, reminiscent of vervain. (Fascinating!)

Manners when effectively positioned

A person of a refined and political mind, mind, and utilizing a lot eloquence in his speech, a searcher into every kind of mysteries and studying, sharp and witty, studying virtually something with out a instructor; formidable of being beautiful in each science, desirous naturally of journey and seeing international elements: curious within the search of any occult data; ready by his personal genius to provide wonders; given to divination and the extra secret data; if he flip service provider, no man exceeds him in a means of commerce or invention of latest methods to acquire wealth.

Manners when badly positioned

A difficult wit, a form of frenetic man, his tongue and pen towards each man, an ideal liar, boaster, prattler, busybody, false, a tale-carrier, given to depraved arts, as necromancy and such like ungodly knowledges; simple of perception, an ass or very fool, dishonest and thieving in all places; a news-monger, pretending all method of data, however responsible of no true or stable studying; a trifler; a mere frantic fellow; simply perverted, fixed in nothing however idle phrases and bragging.


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