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Indian astrology is a fancy and detailed science that research the planets and stars and provides astute steering on the probabilities inherent in an individual’s future. As an historic subject of examine, astrology has been providing individuals solutions to their assorted questions, since time immemorial. Even immediately, in a world pushed by know-how and innovation, astrology stays related and versatile because it has a particularly sturdy base and reasoning behind it. One of many vital facets of astrology is the connection between planets and homes. Allow us to check out the assorted traits of the totally different planets and perceive their significance in our every day lives.


In Hindu Astrology, there are 9 planets or Grahas. These embrace Rahu and Ketu, that are astronomical factors shaped the place the moon’s orbit intersects the obvious path of the Solar across the earth. Every planet is taken into account to be having masculine, female or impartial traits. The planet Ravi or Solar is taken into account masculine, whereas Chandra or Moon is female and Kuja or Mars is masculine. Going forward, Budha or Mercury is a impartial planet and Guru or Jupiter depicts masculine properties. The following planet is Shukra or Venus, and she or he is taken into account female in nature, adopted by Sani or Saturn, which is a impartial planet. Then we now have Rahu and Ketu, also called Dragon Head and Dragon Tail, respectively, and they’re female and impartial by nature.

Planets and their equivalents in English

Graha English Title Intercourse
Ravi Solar Masculine
Chandra Moon Female
Kuja Mars Masculine
Budha Mercury Impartial
Guru Jupiter Masculine
Shukra Venus Female
Sani Saturn Impartial
Rahu Dragon Head Female
Ketu Dragon Tail Impartial

Rahu and Ketu

The Moon’s obvious path intersects the ellipse obliquely at two factors referred to as the nodes. The purpose the place the Moon crosses the ecliptic from south to north is known as the ascending node or Rahu, the place it crosses the ecliptic from north to south is known as descending node or Ketu. These two factors are 180 levels aside and their motion is consistently retrograde, which means, towards the traditional course of the motion of planets. Rahu and Ketu are given particular standing and regarded as planets in Indian astrology. Rahu and Ketu take roughly eighteen years and ten days to finish one spherical of the zodiac.


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The Zodiac is a band 18 levels extensive and positioned obliquely to the equator. This band might be imagined operating across the earth in an east-west course. Teams of stars might be situated alongside this imaginary belt. This belt is split into twelve equal components referred to as Rasi. Additionally it is divided into 27 components and every half named after a star or group of stars situated within the division


When a zodiac is split into twelve equal components, every such half has an extension of 30 levels of arc. Such a division is known as an indication or Rasi. There are 12 homes of Rasi’s and these are Mesha or Aries, Vrishabha, also called Taurus, Mithuna or Gemini, Karkata or Most cancers, Simha or Leo, Kanya, also called Virgo, Tula or Libra, Vrischika, additionally referred to as Scorpio within the Western system, Dhanu or Sagittarius, Makara or Capricorn, Kumbha, also called Aquarius and eventually, Meena or Pisces.

There are 12 homes of Rasi’s

No. Indian System Western System
1 Mesha Aries
2 Vrishabha Taurus
3 Mithuna Gemini
4 Karkata Most cancers
5 Simha Leo
6 Kanya Virgo
7 Tula Libra
8 Vrischika Scorpio
9 Dhanu Sagittarius
10 Makara Capricorn
11 Kumbha Aquarius
12 Meena Pisces

Lords of Homes

Now, in Indian astrology, every of those Rasis have a planet assigned to it, as Lord of the Home. Allow us to check out which planet is the lord of your rasi. If you’re a Mesha, your lord is Mangal or Kuja or Mars, and when you belong to the Vrishabha rasi, your lord is Venus. Subsequent, when you belong to the Mithuna rasi, then your own home is dominated by Budha or Mercury and in case you are a Karkata rasi, then your ruling planet is the Moon. In the event you belong to Simha rasi, the Solar or Surya is your lord and Budha or Mercury guidelines the Kanya rasi. For Tula rasi, Shukra or Venus is the lord and for Vrischika, Mars is the ruling planet. The Dhanu rasi is dominated by Guru whereas when you belong to the Makara or Kumbha rasi, then your lord of the home is Sani or Saturn. Lastly, when you belong to the Meena rasi, you can be dominated by Guru.

No. Lords of 12 Homes
1 Mesha Mangal or Kuja (Mars)
2 Vrishabha Shukra (Venus)
3 Mithuna Budha (Mercury)
4 Karkata Chandra (Moon)
5 Simha Surya (The Solar)
6 Kanya Budha (Mercury)
7 Tula Shukra(Venus)
8 Vrischika Kuja(Mars)
9 Dhanu Guru(Jupiter)
10 Makara Sani(Saturn)
11 Kumbha Sani(Saturn)
12 Meena Guru (Jupiter)

Exalted homes of Planets

Every planet has some extent within the zodiac the place it attains most power. The homes the place they’ve the utmost power are referred to as the homes of exaltation. Allow us to check out the exalted homes of the totally different planets. For planet Ravi, the exalted home is Mesha, for Chandra, the home is Vrishabha and for Kuja, Makara is the exalted home. The planet Budha is exalted in the home of Kanya, whereas Simha is exalted in Karkata and Shukra is exalted in Meena. Lastly, the planet Sani is exalted in the home of Tula.

Planets and their exalted homes (Uchacha)

1 Ravi Mesha
2 Chandra Vrishabha
3 Kuja Makara
4 Budha Kanya
5 Simha Karkata
6 Shukra Meena
7 Sani Tula

Debilitated homes of planets

Simply as there are homes during which the planets are exalted, so additionally, there are homes whereby planets are debilitated. Every planet has some extent within the zodiac, the place it has the minimal power. The homes the place the planets have the minimal power are referred to as the homes of debilitation. For planet Ravi, Tula is the home of debilitation and for Chandra, it’s Vrischika. The planet Kuja finds itself debilitated in the home of Karkata, whereas Budha is weak within the Meena rasi. Simha is debilitated within the Makara rasi and Shukra finds itself weak in Kanya. Lastly, planet Sani is weak in the home of Mesha.

Debilitated homes of Planets
1 Ravi Tula
2 Chandra Vrischika
3 Kuja Karkata
4 Budha Meena
5 Simha Makara
6 Shukra Kanya
7 Sani Mesha

Planetary relationship

Every planet considers one other planet as a buddy, enemy or equal. Some relationships are usually not mutual, for instance, whereas one planet considers one other as a buddy, the second planet, in flip, could not see the primary one as a buddy. Mercury and Moon are examples. For the planet Solar, planets Moon, Mars, and Jupiter are buddies, whereas Mercury is taken into account an equal and Venus, Sani, and Rahu fall within the class of enemies. For the Moon, Solar and Mercury are her buddies whereas Mars, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn are often called equals and Rahu is an enemy. Equally, for the planet Mars, Solar, Moon, and Jupiter are its buddies, whereas Venus, and Saturn are equals and Mercury and Rahu are enemies.
For planet Mercury, the planets Solar, Venus, and Rahu are buddies, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn are equals and Moon is the enemy. Shifting on to Jupiter, the Solar, Moon, and Mars are his buddies and Saturn, and Rahu are equals. Mercury and Venus are the enemies. For Venus, Mercury, Saturn, and Rahu are buddies, Jupiter, and Mars are equals and the Solar and the Moon act as enemies. Lastly, for Saturn, buddies are Mercury, Venus, Rahu, Jupiter is an equal and Solar, Moon, Mars are enemies, for Rahu, buddies embrace Mercury, Venus, Saturn, equal is Jupiter and Solar, Moon, and Mars are the enemies and, for Ketu, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Rahu are buddies, Jupiter is an equal and Solar, Moon, Mars are enemies.

Planets Pals Equals Enemies
Solar Moon, Mars, Jupiter Mercury Venus, Sani, Rahu
Moon Solar, Mercury Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn Rahu
Mars Solar, Moon, Jupiter Venus, Saturn Mercury, Rahu
Mercury Solar, Venus, Rahu Mars, Jupiter, Saturn Moon
Jupiter Solar, Moon, Mars Saturn, Rahu Mercury, Venus
Venus Mercury, Saturn, Rahu Jupiter, Mars Solar, Moon
Saturn Mercury, Venus, Rahu Jupiter Solar, Moon, Mars
Rahu Mercury, Venus, Saturn Jupiter Solar, Moon, Mars
Ketu Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Rahu Jupiter Solar, Moon, Mars

Planets and gem stones

Every planet has a gem related to it. The 9 stones akin to the 9 planets are referred to as the Navaratna group of stones. These might be categorized as indicated right here –

Planet Gem Stone
Ravi Ruby
Chandra Pearl
Kuja Coral
Budha Emerald
Guru Pushyaraga (Yellow Sapphire)
Shukra Diamond
Saturn Blue Sapphire
Rahu Gomed
Ketu Cat’s eye

Planets and their colors

Each planet has a color related to it. As an example, purple is the color for Ravi and Kuja, white for Chandra and Shukra, inexperienced for Budha, yellow for Guru, blue for Saturn and a smokey shade for Rahu and Ketu. Every of those colors are indicative of the color of the planet.

Planet Gem Stone
Ravi Crimson
Chandra White
Kuja Crimson
Budha Inexperienced
Guru Yellow
Shukra White
Saturn Blue
Rahu Smoke
Ketu Smoke

Durations of keep of every planet in every signal

The planets are in fixed motion, and, due to this fact, they’ve a selected interval of keep in every home or signal. That is depicted beneath –

Planet Interval of Keep
Solar 30 days
Moon 2 1/4 days
Mars 45 days
Mercury 30 days
Jupiter 1 12 months
Venus 30 days
Saturn 2 years and 6 months
Rahu 1 12 months and 6 months
Ketu 1 12 months and 6 months

Planets and their components

Indian astrology attributes numerous characters to planets and components are one such attribute. Allow us to check out the totally different planets and their components –

Planets and their components
Mercury stands for Earthly aspect
Solar Stands for Fiery aspect
Saturn stands for Ethereal aspect
Jupiter stands for Ethereal aspect
Venus & Moon stands for Watery aspect

Kinds of homes

Homes are additionally divided into three varieties, often called Chara or movable home, fastened or Sthira home and customary or Dwiswabhava. These are as depicted right here –

Movable (Chara) Mounted (Sthira) Widespread (Dwiswabhava)
Mesha Vrishabha Mithuna
Karkata Simha Kanya
Tula Vrischika Dhanu
Makara Kumbha Meena

Planets are additionally categorised as pure benefics, which embrace Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and Waxing Moon, and pure malefics, together with Saturn, Mars, Rahu, Ketu and Solar.

Traits Related to Planets

Planets are related to color, metallic, components, grains, seasons and so on. Additionally, they’re believed to belong to sure caste and intercourse. These traits and associations are given in a desk beneath.

Character Solar Moon Mars Mercury
Color Copper White Crimson Inexperienced
Nature Sathwa Sathwa Thamas Rajas
Intercourse Male Feminine Male Eunuch(Feminine)
Caste Kshtriya Vysya Kshtriya Sudra
Component Fireplace Water Fireplace Earth
Diety Agni Varuna Subramanya Vishnu
Garment Thick New HalfBurnt Moist
Metallic/materials Copper Gems Gold Brass
Components Bones Blood Marrow Pores and skin
Grains Wheat Paddy Lentil GreenGram
Seasons Summer time Winter Summer time Autumn
Style Pungent Salt Acidity Blended
Residence Place of worship Springs Fireplace Play-ground
Temperament Bilious Phlegmatic Bilious Blended


Character Jupiter Venus Saturn
Shade Blended Gold&Silver White/Yellow Blue/Black
Nature Sathwa Rajas Thamas
Intercourse Male Feminine Eunuch (Feminine)
Caste Brahman Brahman Chandala
Component Ether Water Air
Diety Indra Indrani Brahma
Garment Shabby Sturdy Rag
Metallic/materials Silver Diamond(Pearl) Iron(Lead)
Components Flesh&Mind Semen Muscle tissue
Grains BengalGram Beans Sesamin
Seasons Snow Spring All Seasons
Style Candy&Cool Bitter Bitter & Astringent
Residence Retailer-house Mattress-Chamber Dustbin
Temperament Phlegmatic Windy
&Phlegmatic Windy


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