Saubhagya Sundari Teej – Granting the blessings of eternal marital happiness


In India, marriage is taken into account to be a sacred establishment and it’s a follow to look at and commemorate the marital bond and strengthen the everlasting love between a husband and spouse. There are numerous fasts and festivals that remember the marital bond the place wives (and husbands) pray collectively for an extended lifetime of togetherness and marital bliss. Saubhagya Sundari Teej is one such pageant that celebrates marital bliss. It’s celebrated by worshipping Goddess Parvati. In accordance with Indian tradition, Saubhagya Sundari Teej holds equal significance to that of Karwa Chauth; nevertheless, in contrast to Karwa Chauth, which is well known by married girls, Saubhagya Sundari Teej is well known by each married and single girls alike.
The third day or the Tritiya Tithi of Krishna Paksha within the month of Margashirsha is noticed as Saubhagya Sundari Teej, a day of penance. That is the time when the Moon is conjunct with the Mrigasira (Makayiram) nakshatra.
On this present day, the ladies are historically dressed of their most interesting apparel and carry out an elaborate ritual consisting of sixteen adornments on this present day. These adornments embody Henna, sindoor (vermillion), bindi, maang tika, kohl in eyes, nostril ring, necklace, earrings, bangles, armlet, hand garlands, hair accent, waist accent, anklets, fragrance, and essentially the most ornate garment that they will afford.
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When is Saubhagya Sundari Teej in 2022?

Within the 12 months 2022, Saubhagya Sundari Teej shall be celebrated on Friday, November eleventh.

Vital Timings on Saubhagya Sundari Teej

  • Dawn: 6:41 AM on November 11, 2022
  • Sundown: 5:39 PM on November 11, 2022
  • Tritiya Tithi Begins: 6:33 PM on November 10, 2022
  • Tritiya Tithi Ends: 8:17 PM on November 11, 2022

Rituals and Puja Vidhi of Saubhagya Sundari Teej

On this present day, girls rise at daybreak and have their tub. They adorn themselves with the 16 adornments as above.
Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati are then worshipped by the married girls. The idols of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati are set on a wood platform and embellished with a purple fabric.
Earthen lamps are then lit in entrance of the idols and choices of moli, roli, rice, supari and pan (betel leaves and nut) are provided to the deities.
The idol of Goddess Parvati can also be adorned with the 16 adornments.
Lord Ganesha receives the primary prayers in the course of the puja in accordance with custom. Throughout the Saubhagya Sundari Teej puja, the 9 planets and the whole household of Lord Shiva are additionally worshipped.
On this present day, devotees invite a Brahmin to their residence. For this present day, girls put together an elaborate and particular meal to supply to Goddess Parvati. Following the puja, it is usually customary to feed the Brahmin and provide them garments and Dakshina. The next mantra is recited in the course of the puja rituals.
||Om Umaye Namaha||
||Devi Dei Ume Gauri Trahi Maang Karunanidhe ||
||Mamma Aparadha Shantavya Bhakti Mukti Prada bhava||
The day of Saubhagya Sundari Teej is a day of strict fasting for ladies. They go the whole day with out consuming or ingesting something. After all of the puja rituals are accomplished, the Saubhagya Sundari Teej Vrat is damaged. Married girls undertake this quick to make sure the well being and longevity of their husbands.
The next day after Saubhagya Sundari Teej, the idol of the Goddess is immersed in flowing water physique or river together with the purple thread holding the tender coconut to the kalash and the tender coconut, flowers, meals, and different choices.

Legend of Saubhagya Sundari Teej

The Bhavishya Purana legend depicts the story of Saubhagya Sundari Teej. It’s stated that Goddess Sati made a vow earlier than sacrificing her physique as she was upset by her father’s remarks. She vowed that she would all the time reincarnate as Shiva’s spouse. Within the following rebirths, Goddess Parvati carried out extreme and harsh penance spanning extended intervals to acquire Lord Shiva as her husband, and happy along with her devotion, Lord Shiva took her as his spouse throughout all of Goddess reincarnations. It’s believed that the humblest technique to appease Goddess Parvati, Sati, or Durga is observing the Saubhagya Sundari Teej.

Significance of Saubhagya Sundari Teej

The Saubhagya Sundari Teej pageant is well known to convey success and positivity into one’s life, therefore it’s named Saubhagya Sundari. The puja and rituals are sacredly carried out by girls with a view to obtain the blessing of a worthy husband and offspring. The Saubhagya Sundari Teej is a crucial pageant for married girls as its advantages are similar to these of Teej and Karwa Chauth.
In accordance with widespread perception, anybody can reside a cheerful and affluent life by observing the Saubhagya Sundari Teej and altering their future for the higher. Moreover, younger, single women who observe the Saubhagya Sundari Teej Vrat can overcome marriage delays and alleviate any marriage doshas. For many who have Manglik Dosha and every other unfavourable planetary placements of their Kundali, this vrat is particularly helpful. Younger women can get hold of an acceptable match and in addition lead blissful married lives by performing this quick with full dedication. Such is the importance of the Saubhagya Sundari Teej that it bestows divine blessings to the observer.

Saubhagya Sundari Teej pageant dates between 2022 & 2026

12 months Day Date
2022 Friday 11 November 2022
2023 Thursday 30 November 2023
2024 Monday 18 November 2024
2025 Saturday 08 November 2025
2026 Friday 27 November 2026

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