Sun Opposite Jupiter ~ Sun Square Jupiter ~ Grandiosity


Solar sq. Jupiter or Solar reverse Jupiter is a bombastic opportunist and visionary. Solar/Jupiter can’t assist however be very profitable even in so known as ‘onerous’ side. Nevertheless the largest downside is grandiosity and figuring out itself as godlike.

Just like the well-known nymph-chaser of the parable, Solar sq. Jupiter or Solar reverse Jupiter natives discover it very onerous to take no for a solution. This trait is especially pronounced in aggressive conditions, wether it’s for accolades, in sport or by way of successful a mate over a rival.

At their very worse, Solar sq. Jupiter or Solar reverse Jupiter will be pushy to the extent that they actually push by to invade the boundaries of others. Solar sq. or reverse Jupiter feels very blessed and this interprets as them having the Midas contact on the subject of enterprise offers.

Solar sq. opposition Jupter transit

When the Solar is sq. or reverse Jupiter within the sky we really feel like now we have a godlike power. This implies we would discover it onerous to restrain ourself from over-reaching and over-consuming. Leaders and executives are beneficiant however watch out what you settle for since you might need to pay for it dearly later. That is the side of inflation! Be careful for virtue-signalling too. Folks utilizing their standing to realize favours and procure the harmless.

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Featured Picture: Christina Gottardi on Unsplash


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