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Everybody is aware of what their Solar signal is. Even individuals who don’t ‘consider’ in astrology.

The Solar describes our character, proper? 

Sure and no. 

Sure, as a result of the Solar does describe our character, and no, as a result of the Solar is just not the one factor that describes our character. We even have the Ascendant, the Moon, planets, homes and points. 

The Solar, The Moon, The Ascendant – The Large 3

From all of the completely different parts in our chart, the Solar, Moon and rising signal are an important; they’re known as “The Large 3”.

“The Large 3” – Solar, Moon and ascendant – are the three main pillars of our natal chart they usually affect our character in profound methods.

However the query is, which one describes what? How is the Solar completely different from the Moon and from the Ascendant? 

Most individuals have some obscure concepts about how the Solar describes our identification, the Moon our emotions, and the Ascendant – additionally known as the rising signal – our social ‘masks’. Nonetheless these definitions are considerably limiting and complicated. 

The Solar, The Moon, And The Egg

If you wish to perceive how the Solar, the Moon and the Ascendant work collectively, consider an egg.

The egg is made from the egg yolk (the yellow inside) and the encompassing egg whites.

The yolk is the primary half that kinds when a hen’s egg cells attain maturity. The white a part of the egg kinds across the yolk later, offering cushioning between the embryo and the protecting shell. 

Let’s imagine that the yolk is the Solar, and the white half is the Moon. 

Identical to the Solar, the yolk is the primordial seed of life. This seed nevertheless wants a protecting layer, a cushion so it could develop and develop right into a life type. 

The yolk and the whites are equally vital – in reality they’ve the identical dimensions. Equally, the Solar and the Moon have the very same dimensions as seen from Earth. 

We aren’t solely our Solar signal. We’re each our Solar and our Moon signal. One can’t exist with out the opposite. 

The Solar (yolk) is our primordial seed, our drive and objective in life. It’s what we determine with consciously. 

The whites (the Moon) is the supporting atmosphere – i.e. our physiological and psychological processes, our genetic reminiscence, our vitamins – all the pieces round that enables us to develop and evolve. Our Moon signal could also be much less apparent, however it influences us to the identical extent our Solar signal does.

What concerning the Ascendant? 

The ascendant is the egg’s shell. 

With out the shell, life as we all know it wouldn’t be doable. With out the Ascendant, we’d be floating vitality in area. The Ascendant – the egg shell – makes issues actual. 

When the yolk and the whites, by way of mutual help mature into a brand new life type, the chick is able to emerge. It cracks the egg shell, changing into a singular life type in 3D. 

Equally, our Ascendant signal is the signal that’s rising on the horizon – it’s what involves life, to be seen and acknowledged within the 3D. 

Our Ascendant signal describes the best way we function on this planet. We might determine much less with the qualities of our Ascendant signal on a private stage, nevertheless the Ascendant describes how we concretely go about issues in life – our behaviors, our approaches, the best way we conduct ourselves. 

The Ascendant is the shell we put on, it’s what different individuals see first after they take a look at us. 

The Ascendant is just not a masks – not less than not in a approach that’s not actual. The Ascendant IS the true us – the sum of our behaviors and approaches to life. The aim of the Ascendant is to make the Solar and the Moon actual, to offer these energies an precise expression within the 3D. 

Different individuals firstly see your Ascendant; then your Solar signal. It’s solely the shut ones (or skilled astrologers) that get to see your Moon signal. 

Our Moon is our default habits, our consolation zone – who we’re once we calm down and nobody is watching. Our Moon is that a part of us that’s the most secure and resistant to vary – it’s how we instinctively function, our deepest wants, it’s what ‘wins’ and takes priority over all the pieces else. 

Solar, Moon Ascendant Examples

Let’s say you’re a Gemini Solar and rising, and a Taurus Moon.

As a double Gemini, you might worth curiosity, velocity and social interactions. Your Taurus Moon nevertheless prefers to take issues slowly. Taurus Moon is just not in a rush. How does this dynamic play out? Your pals and associates get to see your Gemini social aspect. Your companion and your canine, your “don’t rush me” Taurus aspect. 

Let’s take a real-life instance, Queen Elizabeth the 2nd.

She was a Capricorn Ascendant, Taurus Solar and Leo Moon. 

The very first thing we see once we take a look at Elizabeth is her Capricorn ascendant – her formality, her title and royal standing. 

If we glance a bit nearer, we additionally discover her Taurus solar – expressed by way of her stability, persistence, love for custom, and her nice, cooperative Taurus/Venus fashion. 

It’s nevertheless solely her shut household that received to know the Queen’s Leo Moon aspect – her joyful, enjoyable loving, playful and romantic nature. Once we take a look at the Queen we see Capricorn; the true Queen, when nobody was watching, was a Leo. 

What are your “Large 3”? Does the egg concept provide help to higher perceive your Solar, Moon and Ascendant signal? 

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