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There’s a New Moon in Leo this afternoon, July 28, 2022 at 1:54 PM Jap US time. The Solar and Moon will be part of at 5 levels, 38 minutes Leo, accompanied by Ceres and Mercury additionally in Leo. This Leo constellation types a trine with stationing Jupiter in Aries, so count on fiery fiats, self-assertion, ardour, and bodily power.

The opposite salient characteristic of this New Moon chart is the truth that the Uranus in Taurus is approaching the North Node of Destiny, on the point of dive into it in a few days. We all know that Uranus (like all people else) has a Nodal return about as soon as each 19 years, however the final time these two met up in TAURUS particularly was greater than a century in the past in March 1855.

The North Node connotes main selections whereas Uranus is disruption and battle, and Taurus means our worth and values, materials and ethical. Briefly, we’re having the identical side that dominated in the course of the “Bleeding Kansas” conflicts that occurred right here in the US on account of the repeal of the Missouri Compromise, the passage of the Kansas-Nebraska Act, and the battle over the abolition of slavery. Learn up on that second in historical past if you happen to don’t realize it . . . political violence, contested elections, disputes concerning the civil and human rights of disenfranchised People, and briefly, most of the circumstances that set the stage for the US Civil Conflict. Sound acquainted? (Cue the video of Missouri Senator Josh Hawley running from a mob of insurrectionists he’d previously cheered on January 6, 2021.)

Fated selections, humanitarian crises, and rebel in opposition to authority figures and constructions will characterize the sway of this New Moon. Whereas we watch historical past play out throughout us, how can we navigate these energies inside our personal lives?

Initially, it’s a superb time to get actually clear in your values. What do you deeply consider in, and are your phrases and actions actually in alignment with that? Journal or meditate. It’s important to know what your actual priorities are, if you wish to set good objectives and make good plans.

For extra details about the energies of the Leo New Moon, I invite you to take a look at the recording of my month-to-month New Moon Manifestation Circle webinar.

Wishing you all peace and readability!

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