Venus Conjunct Mars At 0° Aquarius


On March sixth, 2022 Venus and Mars depart Capricorn and concurrently enter Aquarius. This implies we even have a Venus-Mars conjunction on the 0° diploma of Aquarius

The 0° of any signal is a robust diploma. Conjunctions by themselves include new cycles and new beginnings. A conjunction at 0° is a really highly effective new starting. 

The 0° diploma of Aquarius is the identical diploma we had the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in December 2020, so we now have a repetition. The Universe is urging us to make some modifications – to depart behind previous working fashions and to embrace the Aquarian method.

If Jupiter and Saturn spoke for collective developments that impacted us on a collective stage, the Venus-Mars conjunction in Aquarius is about how we, as people, get to form the collective

What does Aquarius stand for? Most individuals affiliate Aquarius with freedom, riot and uniqueness.

However that’s just one facet of Aquarius. Let’s not overlook that Aquarius is dominated by each Uranus and Saturn. Aquarius will not be riot for the sake of riot.

Venus Conjunct Mars In Aquarius – What Makes Us Human

Aquarius has realized the arduous means that one-way energy has its limits. Aquarius remains to be a Saturn signal, however not the top-down, daddy-issues Capricorn Saturn. In Aquarius, the blended Saturn and Uranian qualities are about discovering a democratic, inclusive method. 

To make it clear, certainly not Capricorn or Saturn power is dangerous, and Aquarius or Uranus good. We’re nonetheless witnessing the final strike of Pluto in Capricorn, and we get to see extra of the shadow manifestation of the signal.

Pluto’s position is to destroy every little thing that may now not maintain development, and in Capricorn, that’s corruption, abuse of energy, and the top-down “you do what I say” method. 

The Capricorn Saturn is the overall. I command you to try this. The Aquarius Saturn is the advisory board, the elected MP, the opposition get together – these societal forces that work so that there’s a democratic distribution of energy, and that energy will not be concentrated within the palms of some. 

The very best Aquarian aim will not be strife and revolution, however inclusion and true democracy.  Aquarius respects particular person variations – and focuses on what we share in frequent, our humanity. 

Aquarius And Prometheus – The Gentle Of Information

Archetypally, Aquarius is Prometheus who stole the fireplace from the Gods and gave it to the individuals. The fireplace is a metaphor for the sunshine of data and consciousness. Uranus, Aquarius’ co-ruler is the lightning that cracks the sky open, bringing perception and readability the place there was darkness. 

Aquarius is a collective Air signal, and it guidelines the distribution of data. The printed press and now the web and social media are dominated by Aquarius. Aquarius’ aim is to present everybody the means to develop into knowledgeable.

This isn’t to say that the media will not be manipulating – in fact, any establishment is uncovered to corruption. However the precept of making an infrastructure the place everybody, not less than in idea, will get entry to data is an Aquarian pursuit.

From Martin Luther, who made the Bible accessible to everybody, to dialogue boards the place individuals world wide can share their opinion, via freedom of speech – these are all Aquarian themes. 

Aquarius is probably the most humanitarian signal, and it guidelines Human rights. Human rights are rights we now have as a result of we exist as human beings – they aren’t granted by any state.

These common rights are inherent to us all, no matter nationality, intercourse, nationwide or ethnic origin, coloration, faith, language, or some other standing. They vary from probably the most elementary – the precise to life – to those who make life value dwelling, such because the rights to meals, schooling, work, well being, and liberty. 

The Venus-Mars conjunction in Aquarius is asking us to take a look at what makes us human. Are some individuals extra ‘human’ than others?

Venus Conjunct Mars In Aquarius – We’re All In This Collectively

If Aries or Leo are individualistic energies that ask us to give attention to what makes us totally different, Aquarius is a collective, inclusive power that asks us to give attention to what we share in frequent.

The key phrase for Aquarius is inclusiveness. How can we create a society the place everyone seems to be included, the place everybody has a voice?  

Venus and Mars in Aquarius’s aim is to assist us see that we’re all on this collectively

Aquarius invitations us to cease the divisiveness, to see the place we’re influenced and affected by top-down agendas. Political leaders don’t have anything to lose. It’s the common one who will get affected by the choices of the few.

After we function from a “me in opposition to them”, “good guys vs. dangerous guys” paradigm, we function from a win-lose situation which may simply flip right into a lose-lose; NEVER in a win-win. When a few of us lose, all of us lose.

After we give attention to our humanity, we mechanically make selections which can be within the help of our biggest collective good. 

The Venus-Mars conjunction within the first diploma of Aquarius reminds us that we the individuals actually have the facility to make the world a greater place. 

Embracing Aquarian power comes at a value. Freedom comes with obligations. We’re answerable for what occurs in our lives.

There’s no extra guardian determine to behave on our behalf (and guilty later), no extra good and dangerous, no extra division. We’re those in command of shaping our actuality. And that is terrifying. However additionally it is extremely liberating. 

Venus And Mars In Aquarius – The Path To Freedom

Coming again to the Promethean fantasy.

The gods determined to punish Prometheus (Uranus) for stealing the fireplace and giving it to people. Zeus chained Prometheus to a rock the place an eagle slowly ate his liver. Prometheus was immortal, he couldn’t die, so the ordeal would repeat day-after-day, to eternity.

His salvation got here from Chiron. Chiron traded his personal immortality to save lots of Prometheus.

What’s fascinating is that Chiron orbits between Saturn (the Capricorn precept) and Uranus (the Aquarius precept). Chiron is the bridge between the 2, is what it takes to evolve from Saturn’s materials limitations to Uranus’ freedom and liberation. 

The parable is a metaphor for the work we have to do as people to transcend the ache of separation and discover true freedom. Chiron was a half-man, half-horse, which is a metaphor for the twin nature of our existence. We’re 50% matter, 50% spirit.

After we don’t combine our animal and our godly facet, that is after we polarize the great and the dangerous and find yourself with the ‘good guys’ vs. the ‘dangerous guys’, proper vs. improper.

However after we combine this duality, after we acknowledge that each one these qualities can all be discovered inside ourselves  – each optimistic and destructive – we’re now not triggered by division, and witness humanity: in ourselves and others

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