Venus Conjunct Sun In Libra


On October twenty second, 2022, the Solar is conjunct Venus at 29° Libra.

Solar is conjunct Venus each 9 months on common, so this can’t be such an essential transit, proper?

It truly is.

That is the primary time because the nineteenth century that the Solar-Venus conjunction occurs in Libra.

Venus has a really cyclical motion across the Solar. Maybe you might be acquainted with the 5 petals rose or the “dance of Venus” picture that exhibits the attractive sample Venus makes across the Solar?


Attributable to this motion sample, Solar-Venus conjunctions occur in the identical indicators of the zodiac for 100 years in a row. So when we’ve a Solar-Venus conjunction in a brand new signal (like we do now) we all know that’s an enormous deal.

This isn’t your common transit – that is that sort of cycle transit that influences our society as an entire. After all, if you happen to do have a private planet or an angle round 29° Libra, then the affect will likely be very private. Nonetheless, even if you happen to don’t, the brand new Venus star level is a brand new starting for all of us.

In astrology, Venus guidelines our emotions, values, love and relationships.

Within the final 100 years (since 1926), the earlier Solar-Venus conjunctions occurred in Scorpio, so our emotions, values and relating model had a layer of Scorpionic expression (whatever the signal our natal Venus is in).

Venus is in detriment in Scorpio, so it’s a little bit of a difficult placement. It’s not that Venus in Scorpio is unhealthy, however when in detriment, her job is a little more tough vs when she is within the signal it resides or it’s exalted in, for instance.

Now the excellent news is that Venus is in domicile – her favourite place – in Libra. Within the subsequent 100 years (till 2133), these Solar-Venus conjunctions will occur in Libra, and Libra it’s a a lot better place for Venus total.

Venus Conjunct Solar In Libra – A New Venus Star Level

A brand new Venus begin level in Libra is sweet information for all of us!

Does this imply that there will likely be a sudden shift of October twenty second and we are going to all begin feeling higher simply because we’ve a brand new Venus star level in Libra?

Not essentially. When an essential shift like this occurs, we’d like a little bit of time to get “used” to the brand new power.

For some folks, the conjunction can initially include emotions which are the alternative of what we might count on: confusion, lack of course, unhappiness, loneliness.

However this can be a essential shift that’s designed to organize us for a very new approach of relating.

If Venus in Scorpio was about unequal relationships when one companion had extra energy over the opposite, Venus in Libra is the archetype of equal relationships.

The Venus is Libra star level is right here to remind us that our emotions are as essential as everybody else’s. That our likes and dislikes matter. After all this goes each methods. Venus in Libra will ask us to tune extra into different folks’s emotions, and honor them from a spot of equality.

“Equal relationships” might not sound very fancy. Most individuals search depth, ardour or different emotionally charged key phrases after they consider love and relationships.

Nonetheless, with out a robust Libra basis, relationships won’t ever blossom into their full potential, as a result of a relationship that’s not constructed of wholesome foundations of equality and respect is just about doomed from the very starting.

Venus in Libra is aware of what she desires. She is aware of what’s good for her, and he or she is aware of what’s not. Venus in Libra (the signal of scales) makes choices primarily based on what feels proper.

What number of occasions have we acted from a spot of uncertainty, of not understanding? “I don’t know what was in my thoughts after I did that”.

No less than within the first a part of our life (however not solely), our emotional patterns are rooted in early relating fashions, for instance these of our mother and father.

Libra is an Air, goal signal. Venus is Libra will assist us see issues for what they’re, serving to us acquire consciousness round outdated emotional patterns which have been sabotaging us for years.

Solar conjunct Venus in Libra is a time to reset unhealthy Venusian patterns and begin once more.

Tune into your self and take note of any emotions that come up.

What makes you cheerful, and what doesn’t?

Do you are feeling worthy of affection and happiness, and if not, what must occur so you can begin feeling worthy?

Are there any outdated relationship patterns that preserve you caught prior to now?

How are you going to have equal relationships the place your and your companions’ emotions and needs are honored?

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